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STAR WARS X-WING Italian edition

VAT included

Age: 14th: Players: 2;   Duration: 20 min.an>

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Age: 14th: Players: 2;   Duration: 20 min.an>

In X-Wing, we'll find ourselves at the command of a squadron of rebel or imperial astro-hunters, intent on eliminating anything that moves within a 12 parsec radius. Our responsibility to create the squadron, select the best pilots and plan the attack maneuvers that will then be performed simultaneously with the opponent. Our task is to bring back the victory in the many scenarios that will be offered, with the different aircraft that we can deploy thanks to the inevitable plethora of expansions that await us. Our joy of moving the predicted miniatures that will represent the different fighters and that will be included in the sets./span>

Game and manual in English

Moderate use of text in the game


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