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The Battles of Westeros is a fantastic miniature box game, to recreate the world battles of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones./span>

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Age: 12th: Players: 2;    Duration: 60 min.

Unfurl the banners of the Great Houses of Westeros! To secure power over the Seven Kingdoms and the survival of their dynastic lines, the House of Westeros each follow a different strategy.
Some create strategic alliances, others seek to manipulate complex political intrigues, while others prefer to deceive and betray. Everyone pursues his methods, but there is no more direct and lasting path to power than to take to the battlefield.

In Battles of Westeros, two players relive the military conflicts described in George R.R. Martin's Chronicles of Ice and Fire, taking part in the battles told in the books... or even designing your own! In this epic board game of battles players can control either the House of Stark, the Guardians of the Winterfell who have called their most loyal allies, or the Lannister House, an aggressive army funded by the endless resources of Casterly Rock.

Battles of Westeros, the new strand of battlelore's "saga", a game universe that Fantasy Flight Games is pushing pretty well. As the title can be found, it is the saga of George R.R. Martin starring, Stark and Lannister are the first two houses of this core set: 138 plastic figures, over 100 cards, 32 pieces of map to compose over 30 scenarios on a double-sided board that retrace the bloodiest wars in the Universe of the Chronicles of Ice and Fire.span> property


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