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Puerto Rico Italian edition

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Puerto Rico Italian edition

Age: 12th: Players: 3-5;    Duration: 90 minn>


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Age: 12th: Players: 3-5;    Duration: 90 min

The Puerto Rico Italian edition

Through the population, economic and productive growth of our colony, we must try to earn as many victory points as possible. It is good to immediately focus that the only important thing for the final victory is the "victory points": money, plantations and settlers are only means to achieve the ultimate goal, but they will not matter at the end of the game.

The game it is is becoming a myth. First in almost all ratings. 
br/> Puerto Rico is a highly strategic 3-to-5-player game where the case is virtually reduced to the sole choice of plantations; The game is different depending on the number of players. It is very well balanced ensuring various chances of success and various strategies. It's easy to learn and play..... HARD TO WIN! 

Longevity and replayability is virtually infinite.
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