7 WONDERS WONDER expansion packs

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Age: 10 +: players: 2- 7;    Duration: 40 min.

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Age: 10 +: players: 2- 7;    Duration: 40 min.

Build the great wall, rear the sacred stones of Stonehenge, embalm the leaders in the darkness of Abu Simbel and rediscover the splendour of Manneken Pis.
This expansion of 7 Wonders offers 4 new wonders: the great wall will allow you more flexibility because you can build the steps of this wonder in the order you prefer. Stonehenge will allow you to transform your stones in victory points; with Abu Sibmel you can bury your leader to earn victory points; Finally, Manneken Pis, presented in a new version after being presented as promotional material at the fair in Essen 2010.
This is an expansion for the game 7 Wonders. To play you need to the basic game.


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