Talisman new edition
  • Talisman new edition
  • Talisman new edition
  • Talisman new edition

Talisman new Italian Edition-4th Edition

VAT included

Age: 14 +: players: 2-6;    Duration: 90 min

Tavolodi fantasy adventure game! a great classic, fun and long-lived.

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Age: 14 +: players: 2-6;    Duration: 90 min

Enter a fantasy world of dragons and magic! In Talisman you venture into a dangerous search, searching for the legendary Crown of command. You can choose between the Warrior, priest, Mage or one of the other eleven heroes endowed with magical powers and physical abilities.
But the path that leads to the Crown is risky. Legend has it that only a fabulous Talisman can protect you in the lande which lie beyond the power Portal. In addition, finding such an artifact is a far from simple task: monsters, traps and dark magic await you in each round of play. Then, entrusted to your courage! You need to overcome your opponents, to make sure the Crown and forge your destiny!

List game elements:1 Board, 1 Regulation, 14 character Cards 104 Cards, adventure, Magic Cards, 24 28 Purchase Cards, 4 Cards, 4 Cards Talisman Toad, Alignment, 14 Cards 4 miniatures, 6 dice, Counters, 40 40 40 Counters, Counters, 30 gold coins, 36 Pieces. 

Game and manual in Italian.

In the box are the following cards:
160 cards: width 41 mm and height 63 mm (41x63)


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