We aim to ship daily orders that have arrived and paid by noon, and within 1 business day when they arrive after the indicated time.

Credit card: All cards in the VISA/CARTASI/MASTERCARD circuit are accepted.
Paypal: If you have trouble connecting, make the payment at info@libreriasemola.it.
Bank transfer: current account in the name of "Semola snc Library", IBAN IT96M0304312900024570000372; in this case we recommend that you send the C.R.O. number of the transaction to the email info@libreriasemola.it, which will prevent the 2-3 days of waiting for the payment to be confirmed.
It is also possible to pay in the mark, with a small surcharge of 3.50 euros.

The invoice must be requested at the time of order, entering the request in the comments field in step 3 of the order process. You must specify the SDI Unique Code or the PEC.

The shipment will be carried out by express courier GLS or BARTOLINI, with delivery on the day after the shipment, or at most within 48 hours of the shipment.
Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the material purchased.
Italy: single contribution shipping costs euro 5.50.
Over 79 euros of expenditure, shipping to Italy isFree.
International shipments: The price varies depending on the destination and the weight of the package. You can check the cart for a preview of the shipping costs by entering the destination country.
It is possible to collect the purchased material online directly in the library, without any charge for the management of the order.

The courier GLS / BARTOLINI Italian makes two delivery attempts, in the following days.

If it can't find anyone, leave an alert, which says a number to call to make arrangements: reconsegn or branch pick-up./p>

Return, if requested within two days of non-delivery, is free./p>

Alternatively, you can pick up at the relevant GLS/ BARTOLINI branch, after non-delivery, always subject to telephone agreements with the number indicated on the non-delivery notice./p>

We are always available for any clarification.



The right of withdrawal can be exercised by returning the item to the Seller:

- giving advance notice in writing to the seller (email) within 14 days of receipt;

- by supporting the cost of transporting the returned object;

- by delivering the object in its original packaging;

- by attaching to the item the tax receipt received in the package.

When the item is received, 100% of the payment will be refunded.shipping costs included.