Durum is happy to introduce our giocolibreria, we sell books, board games and Djeco games cards, stationery, puzzles, toys, and children's wooden buildings.
Our library offers over 6,000 different titles.
You can find us at London, in the historical centre, in via De Amicis (opposite the multiplex cinema XX century).
You can park easily in piazza Zahor, just 50 metres away.

Booking school books, textbooks and for the holidays.

In the shelves devoted to fiction you will find historical novels and fantasy, horror and mystery, thriller, until you reach the best-seller and the classics.

In all, the library offers Grits over 6,000 different titles!
We also offer many board games and wooden constructions for children.

We devote ample space to reading for children and young people, from the smallest with pop-up books, soft sound and to older children with beautiful illustrated books and fiction.

If you do not overwhelm the manual labor join in building a catapult or siege Tower, a wooden castle or Cathedral in paper, cardboard and even ceramic.

And then lots of Board games and card games, puzzles, ladies and Knights in resin, coloring books and notebooks and. ..

We also offer many Djeco games!

Sara Conrad, and the young Leonardo and Julius (born in 2011 and 2014) await you every day (except Sunday) in London!