What are cookies?
A cookie is information that is saved on the user's computer; it is generated from a server page (which is essentially the computer that manages the website) and can be used by the server itself every time the user visits the website. A cookie can be considered as a user identity card, which tells the server that the user has returned to visit the site.
Cookies do not damage your computer and uPlay.it does not save any of your personal information.

Why do we use cookies?
libreriasemola.it uses two types of cookies: cookies created by libreriasemola.it and cookies created by third parties (other websites or web services).
The cookies of libreriasemola.it allow us to customize the information shown on the site according to your preferences, such as recommended ads.
We also use third-party cookies that allow the supply of important content and advertising both on libreriasemola.it and on other sites, and to analyze the use of site features by users, with the aim of improving our service.

The browsing data we collect is anonymous.

You can cancel cookies at any time from your account or by clicking here.