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SEARCH STATION in the CROCO jungle miniatures in resin SCHLEICH 42350 wild life jungle SCENARIO age 5th

VAT included

SEARCH STATION in the CRUC resin miniatures SCHLEICH 42350 wild life jungle SCENARIO age 5




Recommended Age: 5-


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SEARCH STATION in the CRUC resin miniatures SCHLEICH 42350 wild life jungle SCENARIO age 5

CROCO Jungle Research Station, Schleich.

Live a wild adventure!

The CROCO research station awaits you in the jungle, with many gameplay features and exciting features.

Go on a jungle research mission and discover rare species with ranger Tom, take care of injured animals and find the secret treasure in the skull of CROCO!

Ranger Tom and his team face an exciting mission.

The CROCO Jungle Research Station is the central base camp from which explorers set out on wild adventures.

Mary the vet, Tom and Alex, the rangers, leave for their expeditions from here, on the quad bike or on the dinghy.

All three also listened to stories about the secret treasure in the skull of CROCO.

Can you help them find it?

Great gaming set with research station, opening CROCO skull, treasure and lots of animals and accessories.

There are also other games and accessories to discover in order to complete your jungle world Schleich!

- Exciting crocodile skull-shaped scenario, with the top that can be opened, closed or removed.

- The stationCROCO search with many accessories offers a wide variety of options and game modes.

- The crocodile skull can be attached to the research building.

- Hook up the spotting platform where the ranger can spot jungle animals... with secret hatch in the treasure chamber.

Content: 1 large crocodile skull with secret compartment, 1 research building in the jungle, 6 fence parts, 1 ranger Tom, 1 crocodile, 1 orangutan tan, 1 black panther, 1 Asian elephant cub, 1 net, 1 container lift, 1 platform trapdoor sighting, 1 radar, 1 flag pole, 1 hammock, 2 shelving, 4 hooks, 1 folding chair, 4 silver cage parts with doors, 1 cage divider wall, 6 separators, 1 chest, 20 gold coins, 1 crystal skull, 2 torches, 1 treasure map , 1 bonfire, 1 fire tripod with hook, 1 kettle, 2 tree trunks, 1 box in "aluminum", 1 axe, 1 spade, 1 survival knife, 1 binoculars with lace, 2 plates, 2 camping cups, 1 satellite phone, 1 laptop, 1 sheet of stickers.

Shock-resistant, it can be safely used as a toy.

Schleich producer, excellent quality, extraordinary attention to detail.


certificate resin product

""""""""""dim-L"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""quot;""""""""quot;"quot;""""""""""""""""""""""about 56.5 x 38 x 14.5 cm.


Recommended age: 5th"/p>


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4-6 years old, 6th

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