Do you play English?
  • Do you play English?
  • Do you play English?
  • Do you play English?
  • Do you play English?
  • Do you play English?

Do you play English? Educational game Creatively learns English

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Age: 6th: Players: 2-8;    Duration: 10-15 min.

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Age: 6th: Players: 2-8;    Duration: 10-15 min.

252 words on plasticized puzzle pieces and spongy material
the color of the puzzle pieces corresponds to the different grammatical categories: the names are red, the verbs blue or white, the yellow adjectives, the blue articles, the orange adverbs, the brown prepositions, the green pronouns and the purple conjunctions
1 bag for mixing and peaching words
2 colored dice, with numbers written in English, to decide how many words to fish
1 book instructions it contains: the rules of the game, the colored grammar, with the explanation of the relationships between the colors of the pieces and the grammar, the translation of all the words

In "Do You Play English?" the puzzle pieces contain words from the English language, to compose picturesque phrases with the typical characters of Anglo-Saxon tradition and culture.
As you can already imagine from the title, in addition to being in fact a game, "Do You Play English?" is also an optimal educational tool to stimulate the learning of the English language both children, starting from primary school, and of those adults who want to learn or improve their English proficiency, having fun and playing in a group.

"Do You Play English?" was designed with the help of an inegnante native speakers, who supervised both the proportion of the different grammatical categories (significantly different from that used for the Italian language) and the vocabulary selected for the game. The final mix includes inspiring words not only for those who need to learn, but also for those who already know the English language, while focusing on transferring all the main rules of English grammar.""""""""""""""""""""""""""""br/>
The instruction sheet contains, in addition to the rules of the game, also the translation of all the words (250), so that, during the course of the game, the player who did not know the meaning of a word can certainly read it on the instruction sheet. Experience has shown that the player, having to use that word to compose a sentence, can memorize its meaning much more easily, precisely because he uses it in the context of a phrase he first thought of and then composed on the table (for example, having composed the phrase "the butler sings with Mister Bean", the player will more easily remember that "butler" means "major", because "his" butler sang with Mister Bean!).

The different school realities that have "tested" the game, both generic ones and schools dedicated specifically to the teaching of the English language, have transferred us a very good feedback on the effectiveness of the game as an educational and playful tool Together. In alcuour game has become an educational tool tout>
Do You Play English? It is a recommended game from 6 to 99 years old, and you can play from a minimum of two to a maximum (recommended) of eight players.


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