Copyright THEFT 2-4 players ages 8 +
  • Copyright THEFT 2-4 players ages 8 +
  • Copyright THEFT 2-4 players ages 8 +
  • Copyright THEFT 2-4 players ages 8 +
  • Copyright THEFT 2-4 players ages 8 +
  • Copyright THEFT 2-4 players ages 8 +

Copyright THEFT 2-4 players ages 8 +

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Age: 8 +: players: 2-4;   

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Age: 8 +: players: 2-4;   

1 game board, with the map of Italy and the transport network
216 listings, each with an artwork, including: 30 GOLD, Works with opera's hideout, trafugabile 186 Works, each with its own identikit and five Clues
1 book "Enciclopedia dell'arte Italiana" with 216 Works, distinguished by the color workspace membership identification
1 book "discover Italy and its treasures", which contains:
960 questions about art, history, geography, economics, the characters and the Curiosity of the different regions of Italy
180 questions relating to 30 Works GOLD
4 identification cards of detectives (one for the fake detective)
block 1 "captures Clues", in order to facilitate the collection of evidence
90 travel tickets, as follows:
4 colored pawns
4 indicators "artwork", with the form of the question mark
1 10-sided dice
1 6-sided dice
folding 1 "presentation and rules of the game"

Copyright THEFT: a yellow nell'arte Italiana
Who stole the GOLD cloth?
Copyright THEFT comes from the idea of designing an educational game based on art, capable of combining fun and learning opportunities: a veritable journey to discover the unique beauty that characterize the worldor Italian art.
Thanks to the playful child, starting from 8 years, has the opportunity to know and discover the artistic riches of our country and familiarize yourself with the geography, developing the ability of orientation. In addition, investigators Copyright Theft must deal with questions regarding the history, economics, the characters and the curiosity that characterise our regions.
A journey through the boot but also along the flow of the centuries: we placed each operates within five time periods, so as to make it easy to understand, in a simple and accessible, the succession and the change of the different artistic currents.
The pleasure of knowledge joins in Copyright THEFT to the pleasure and fun of the game in the strict sense: uncovering hidden clues, including questions, pitfalls, and unexpected twists, the player unravels the fascinating plot and must travel, that through our treasures and our history.
Consistent with the philosophy which distinguishes all of our games, Copyright THEFT is based on a learning methodology based on exploration, analysis, observation and conoscenzaa. With the game even art may thus become valuable "ally" of each child in a ludic and educational path where the magic of discovery, geographical and artistic before then, accompaniessmall players to know and love the ben 216 artworks that have been selected to represent-even if only in part-the fascinating and amazing Italian artistic heritage.
All elements of the game, tactics, rules, contents, are designed and calibrated to offer a tool full of stimuli, such as specific clues for each work ("visuals", "" and investigative "surprise") designed to stress the ability of observation and elaboration of a strategy and to enhance the knowledge and personal skills of each player.
Fun for kids but also for those who, together with them, want to "get back in the game", discovering that perhaps "small" I know's ... A game where strategy, education and knowledge are combined perfectly and become key elements of Copyright THEFT.

Game and manual in Italian


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