It's all another story 2-5 players, ages 8 +
  • It's all another story 2-5 players, ages 8 +
  • It's all another story 2-5 players, ages 8 +
  • It's all another story 2-5 players, ages 8 +
  • It's all another story 2-5 players, ages 8 +
  • It's all another story 2-5 players, ages 8 +

It's ALL A HISTORY 2-5 players age 8th

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Age: 8th: Players: 2-4;   

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Age: 8th: Players: 2-4;   

1 game board, divided into 8 Historical Epochs, of 8 different colors, in which all the relevant Characters and Events are placed
95 cards representing, respectively, 44 Characters and 51 Events: the cards have on the front the color of the Age of Character or Event, its image and the corresponding symbol;
Future Cards have the inscription shall shall shall be written very small inside the symbol, the Character or the Event of the Future
on the back of the card are the highlights of the history of that Character or Event, and its geographical location
10 goal cards, each with a HISTORY track, with 5 Characters and Events
115 question cards: 50 "for the little ones", designed to accompany children to discover history, 50 "for the older ones", at the standard difficulty level, 15 cards with "Future questions"
1 magnifying glass: the special "ludo-time viewer" to view The Characters and Events of the Future
1 rotating arrow to apply to the center of the game board
4 colored wooden pieces
1 instruction sheet with rules of the game

It's a whole other story!

It's your story...
It's ALL A OTHER HISTORY! comes from the idea of "getting closer" to history from a really div perspectiveIt's from the usual...
of course in a very funny way and, in full philosophy Ludo Ergo Sum, maintaining a very strong educational value.
It all starts when, many-thousand years ago, during the last post-glaciation, the sea level rose "rapidly" by many meters (for some experts up to 120!) radically changing the boundaries of the lands emerged, and very strong earthquakes shook the earth probably causing some territories or even continents to sink. Of any civilization that existed until then, we have no trace. It is from these events that the myths of the "universal flood" that are present in all the traditions of the world arise.
It's ALL A OTHER HISTORY! it starts from the "universal flood" and presents in a single colorful glance all the Characters and Events of History up to the present day... with a curious and imaginative look at the Future where, thanks to the special ludo-temporal viewer, you can discover truly imaginative characters...
We summarized the story in 8 Epochs, and then we "tell" it through the main Characters and Events, traced back to types of easy understanding: king, leader, traveler, discovery, invention, birth of a city, etc."br/> We used an intuitive symbolism based both on a different color for each of the 8 Epochs, which facilitates the placement over time, and on a geographical location with a map and an "indicator", to make the immediate even theCharacter or Event space.
Each Character and each Event are represented, as well as on the board, also with a card of the game, which tells the "story" through highlights, ranging from historical facts to "perhaps not everyone knows that..."
What are you waiting for?...
Take the magnifying glass and dive into the future to meet Dii Ping, author of the longest mural ever made, on the Great Wall of China, or Brian Brain, discoverer of the fourth principle of dynamics: the displacement of matter over time, or Mucho Calor, the Mexican astronaut first circumnavigator of the sun..."/span>

Game and manual in English


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