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Jamaica - table game of pirates and fights for 8 years

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Age: 8th: Players: 2-6;    Duration: 45 min.

Jamaica -from table suitable for the whole family themed pirates - hunt the treasure and defeat your opponents with cannon shots.

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Age: 8th: Players: 2-6;    Duration: 45 min.


"In February 1678, after a long career in piracy, Henry Morgan deftly managed to be appointed Governor of Jamaica, with the task of kicking out pirates and filibusters! However, he prefers to invite all his old colleagues and comrades-in-arms who finally install themselves to take advantage of the fruit of their brigands in perfect impunity."br/> 30 years later, to celebrate the anniversary of his appointment, the Great Challenge is organized, a race around the island at the end of which the crew that has accumulated the most gold in their holds is declared the winner."

Jamaica is the new game by S.Pauchon author of the lucky Yspahan that this time tries a family game with very simple mechanics, but extremely fun that will be played quietly even by more experienced players.
It's essentially about doing an entire turn around Jamaica expertly coordinating the result of the dice roll with their own action cards; Each player has a hold with 5sectors where you can store dobloni, food and cannons that you will use from time to time to advance with your ship or to face opponents."br/>
A really fun game and made of a beautiful components ...


1 board, 66 action cards, 80 dobloni, 45 food tokens, 45 cannon tokens, 9 treasure tokens,
Treasure cards, 1 first player compass, 2 action dice, 1 combat nut, 6 ships, 6 hold tablets, regulation in Italian, English, French, German, Dutch

Game independent of language, no text in the game.


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