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Sushizock Fast Dice Game

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Age: 8th: Players: 2-4;    Running time: 20 mins

Sushizock fast dice game suitable for the whole family

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Age: 6th: Players: 2-4;    Running time: 20 mins

Worms don't always have to be fried! Willy Wing, the heron, thought the same thing after his last visit to the Gackelwack chicken farm. He quickly had an excellent idea: Now let's try sushi! The hens responded enthusiastically to the expansion of the offer in the menu. But the quality has yet to be increased a bit. So you could quickly get into trouble and have to solve a crucial question: how many fish berries can get into the hens' stomachs this time?

Goal of the game
Pulling the dice the player tries to get delicious bites of sushi. But you only earn points if you also digest the thorns. Of course, the little thorns are not as heavy in your stomach as the big fish spines. Whoever accumulates the most points at the end of the game>
Contents of the Box:

5 dice – 24 servings (12 bites of sushi – 12 fish lysches)
the rule book in Italian

Game independent of language, no text in the game.


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14th, 8th, 12th, 10th