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Age: 8th: Players: 2-4;   Duration: 30 min.

p>Guess the word chosen:
on your turn ask your question Or give your answer.

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Age: 8th: Players: 2-4;   Duration: 30 min.an>

Guess the word chosen:
on your turn ask your question "O" give your answer.
But be careful: your questions could be perfect "Assist" for other players!

Assist: Card game for three or more players, for the whole family./span>

How is Assist?br/> It's a simple card game created by Donadoni and Porazzi: if you know these authors you know what to expect:)
Very spoken, interactive, with a bit of poker and bluff: you have to guess a chosen word
taking turns playing an "O" question by giving your answer.

In practice: if you play a question, the answer is not to you who sell out your turn, but to all the other players who will have an extra figure to guess... Be careful not to give too many... Assist!
Teach to speak and listen (hopefully),
a few languages (each card is in Italian, English, German, French),< a.br/> to give answers in a creative and calibrated way, thinking about the other players, not to give "Assist" too obvious or incomprehensible.
A game of Assist with Masters of the Game like Donadoni can become a refined exercise of dialectics; Playing with children or families is a nice way to learn how to relate to the players in front of us, to give answers consistent with their knowledge and help them guess while having fun.

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10th, 8th, 12th