ALHAMBRA for 2-6 players 8th instructions in Italian QUEEN GAMES

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Age: 8th: Players: 2-6;    Duration: 60 min.

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ALHAMBRA board game for 2-6 players 8th instructions in Italian QUEEN GAMES

Age: 8th: Players: 2-6;    Duration: 60 min.

Content: 6 starting cards, 54 building tiles, 1 scoreboard available buildings, 1 score score, 12 score counters (2 per player), 108 money cards, 2 cards total score, 6 quick reference, 1 bag to draw the tiles and regulation.
Winner of the 2003 "Game of the Year", which is usually a guarantee at least for the lightweight field, Alhambra is truly an interesting game. Personally I have to say that the Queen Games has rarely disappointed me for both mechanics and innovative elements.
IThe game is a kind of cross between a typical German (multiple choices) and a chessboard. The aim of the participants is to build the most beautiful palace starting from a fountain and connecting various tiles of different types (there are 6 different ones) to create a single garden with a thousand wonders and surrounded by walls.
The game
Players have money at their disposal to buy the various types of construction. These cards are of 4 different types and of various cuts. It starts with 20 coins at a minimum. In the turn you can perform only one action among the three possible:
- take money;
- buy a palace card;
- change the layout of the same.

The game essentially rotates between the first two opsIn fact, you have to balance the need for money with that of widening the building and then get the victory> It is good to note that not only do you have to use money of the same type to pay for a building, but you also have to have the "right" amount since any excess paid will be lost, that is, there are no "remains". In addition, the pieces of the building should be positioned so that the walls do not block the passage, rather using them to get bonus points.
Both pe per the money that for buildings, there are two tables that have 4 options to choose from, or a palace or a coin card to try to get what you need most.
NThe final scoring system is worth noting that it is not so important the absolute size of your building as the type of tiles from which it is made. In fact, the various "majorities" are calculated for each type of upgrade that you have built and on this basis scores are assigned. There is also a bonus for a possible fence wall.
(from "The Goblin's Lair")

Game independent of language, no text in the game.

Manual in ITALIAN, English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish.

The following playing cards are in the box:
110 cards: 58.5mm width and 89mm height (58.5x89)


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