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TONCC abstract board game made of handcrafted wood

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Age: 10th: Players: 2-4;    Duration: 30 min

>TONCC abstract wooden board game - handcrafted

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Age: 10th: Players: 2-4;    Duration: 30 min

>The Bergamo dialect that stands for "round" or "flat" gives its name to the 18 cardboard discs that form the colorful and changing game plan; On it swirl the pawns of players engaged in composing three sets of shapes, colors or symbols.
An abstract game suitable for fans of all ages, dynamic and fast with a very particular strategy, since the moves of the players take place simultaneously.br/>It is an entirely handmade product, handmade with simple materials such as cardboard and wood; the components are contained in comfortable numbered jute bags.
Designed and produced by Davide Bassanelli

1 compass (round card with drawn 6 "movements" and a "grid"), 18 t'ncc (round tiles), 18 small tiles, 3 multicolored pedestrians, 3 dice, 3 small cylinders, 1 regulation.

It is ideally played in three (with variants you can also play in 2, 4 and 6)."br />Purpose of the game: Get three colors or symbols as quickly as possible.
Each player has a die, a cylinder and a pawn, the latter with three colors of different value (strong, medium, weak). The game plan has the compass in the center; around it are arranged randomly the 18 t-ncc. Each t-ncc has a color and symbols: three t'nccs that show equal symbols or colors make a trio.
Players act simultaneously:first they move their pawn on the chosen t-ncc, then acquire it. On the "grid" of the compass are placed the tiles to annotate from whom and which t'ncc have been acquired: this ingenious method allows you to clearly visualize the threes that everyone is composing. The game ends when all the players have acquired 6 t-cs and the winner who gets the highest score, calculated based on the threes obtained and the time taken.
There are great ideas about the mechanics of the game in Tunc.br/>To move simultaneously, the game's endowment is not pen and paper, but compass and die: the first indicates the 6 motion options of each pawn, the second, kept concealed with one hand, serves to mark which of these is chosen (the die is placed , not launched!). r />The gimmick of the three colors of different value allows you to resolve the disputes immediately if two or more pedestrians have arrived on the same t-ncc.r />The movement on the plane follows rules that allow you to keep the game alive, which generally ends in 6-8 moves, that is, in about 20 minutes of the game.br/>The two-player variant changes the game perspective, as generally, if the contenders are of equal level, the match is decided on time.br/>If you have two packs of T-ncc you can play in fours and six; In this case, consistent rules are added that maintain the balance of the game (thegifts have the ability to move on the two floors "jumping" from one to the other).
An undoubtedly appreciable curiosity is that tunc is a self-produced entirely handmade (even the symbols are hand-painted!) with simple materials such as cardboard and wood and is contained in jute bags.

Overall, it's a solid, balanced game.
The speed and immediacy of the game make it suitable for all ages (ages 10 and up) and all categories of people (assiduous and occasional players, thinkers and instinctive players).
For more experienced players, it's a challenging three-way challenge, where deduction and yomi, the art of predicting, are the skills required of the contenders.

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12th, 10th, 14th