Carcassonne: Inn and Cathedral expansion

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Expansion for the Carcassonne game (1st expansion).

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Expansion for the Carcassonne game (1st expansion).

The game cannot be played without the basic Carcassonne game; each expansion can be played with the base game, regardless of whether or not there are other expansions. property


Expansion compatible with all others! The Cathedral triples the value of a city and the Inn doubles the value of a street! The new large followers allow you to double the control of a city, street or farm. All included to allow a sixth player to join the game! Finally, 6 score tiles make it easier to calculate points once they exceed>

Box contents: 18 landscape tiles, 6 score tiles, 8 followers g(for the sixth player), "/span>6 great followers, . . ./span>regulation

Updated 2018 edition.


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