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Super Farmer Italian edition

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Age: 6th: Players: 2-8;    Duration: 30 -min.n>

Super Farmer - family board game in Italian

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Age: 6th: Players: 2-8;    Duration: 30 -min. In Super Farmer you are a farmer and you own some animals. 

Your flock multiplies and you could, slowly, build a nice farm, but beware! Your plans could be destroyed in no time if you're not cautious enough! 
A fox and a wolf are plundering the area and your animals could be easy prey for these hunters.

Super Farmer is a game created in an infamous way during World War II by a great Polish mathematician, Professor Karol Borsuk. The rules are special and exceptional!""br/> It was probably the first game to use a 12-sided die. Super Farmer is a "cheap" game that helps you learn how to count, predict, plan and manage risk. Super Farmer is therefore useful in putting these skills into practice.

Designed and designed for smaller players, it can also be an interesting lightweight game for older players.
Players will take turns pulling the dice trying to get the animals on their farm.
The animals obtained with the dice will multiply by bringing new animals inside the farm.
If he sees fit, the player will be able, after the dice, to jump to the market and execute some trades according to fixed reports.
The first player to get an animal of any kind becomes a Super Farmer and can close the game!/span>


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