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Smallworld Italian edition

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Age: 8th: Players: 2-5;    Duration: 40 - 80 min.n>

Small World, Inc. è un divertente, buffo e spensierato gioco di civilizzazione, nel quale 2-5 giocatori si affrontano per la conquista e il controllo su una mappa che è semplicemente troppo piccola perché tutti abbiano il loro spazio!

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Age: 8th: Players: 2-5;    Duration: 40 - 80 min.

Small World is a fun, funny and light-hearted civilisation game, in which 2-5 players battle it out for conquest and control over a map that is simply too small for everyone to have their own Space! By choosing the right combination of the various fantasy races and unique special powers, players must expand their empires - often at the expense of their weaker neighbors. However, they must also know when to abandon their civilization, which has now reached the limits of its growth, in decline and bring a new one to victory.

Game List: 2 Maps, printed on two double-sided scoreboards, 14 Fantasy Races with their respective banners and counters, 20 Unique Special Power cards, 10 Troll Tanes, 6 Fortresses, 9 Mountains, 5 Camps, 2 Holes-in-Field 1 Game Round counter, 2 Heroes & 1 Dragon Counter, 109 Victory Coins, 6 Game Prospectus Sheets, 1 Special Nut Reinforcements, 1 Rules Booklet.


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