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Seed Italian edition 2013 - base and 2 expansions - card game x 2-7 games

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Age: 8th: Players: 2 - 7;    Duration: 45 minn>

 Semenza edizione italiana 2013 - base e 2 espansioni  - gioco di carte x 2-7 gioc property

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Age: 8th: Players: 2 - 7;    Duration: 45 minn>


Planting seeds to make the factor has never been so much fun! property
In Seed 2 to 7 players plant Seeds in their Fields trying to make as much profit from them as possible; The more Seeds you plant, the greater the gain when the Harvest is sold. Unfortunately, players will often be forced to sell prematurely at lower prices; sometimes a Harvest may not bring any profit. The player who has the most Coins at the end of the game will be the winner.

A game that has been so successful over the years, success due to the speed, simplicity of the rules and a completely original gameplay mechanics: players can never change the order of the cards in their hand. Throughout the game it is not allowed to divide them by type, quantity or otherwise move them. In addition, each player will have to plant the Seeds in the same order in which they received them.

Compared to the previous one, which already included a first expansion (3 new types of seeds: Hysterical Chicco, Lindo Seed and Chicco Cacao) and the 3rd Field cards, this new version will include a further expansion: there will be 3 Fava Cards and 39 Cards Assignment, to make the game even more fun.an>



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