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Pitchcar racing game and wooden skills

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Age: 6th: Players: 2-8;    Duration: 20 min.n>

Pitchcar is a fun skill game, based on the running of colored pawns on a wooden track, to be assembled in many different ways./span> property

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Age: 6th: Players: 2-8;    Duration: 20 min.

class-""Apple-style-span""> to 10 straights and 6 curves, plastic curbs, rules and examples of piste construction.

< Primarily manual skill title reproduces a formula one run, giving new life to the game of marbles that more or less we all left in childhood memories. Essentially,, in fact, the game is but a race in which everyone tries to carry on his car with "finger" a bit like it was done precisely with marbles or subbuteo, exploiting the side curbs to realize advantageous trajectories, and trying to avoid finishing off-piste or send our opponents.br/>
At the base of the game are in fact the wooden components with which you build the paths, the surface of which is treated in such a way as to be particularly smooth allowing the cars to literally splash from one side to the other, requiring the players special skills of manual skill to avoid disastrous final results. These components, being modular, allow to create a variety of different paths, in which the placement of the curbs is left to the players, who can thus make circuits more or less challenging depending on the case.

As you might expect, the rules are trivial: each one at his turn and in order of position, moves his own car, and at the end of the predetermined number of laps the ranking (if you make more games as in a championship) or the winner. Typically, if you send your car off the track, or if you send an opponent off the track, the move is not valid and you lose the turn by putting the cars back to their previous positions; Moreover, when the machine turns, the player will lose the next turn to put it back on the right side. However, ample space is left to the personal variants, which allow you to adapt the game to your taste, and some are already suggested in the regulation itself that also gives the scores to use in the case of championships. The regulation in Italian, in the case of PitchCar already comes translated on a sheet included in the package, which basically contains the one French.

Using more packages it is of course possible to have an even greater variety of achievable routes , also remarkable in length. Such cases, moreover, having two machines available for each of the eight colors available, you will also be able to play teams, a really fun version if you use the team scoring system, as in Formula One. The expansions also contain very interesting new components to make the slopes, such as chicanes, narrows, bumps, jumps and things of this type.

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<""Apple-style-span""> Simple and completely independent of language, since the regulation is reduced to a poor page. Explaining it is a walk.

Being primarily a game of manual skill, it does not put a strain on neurons and allows you to enjoy the company without too much thought. Infinite possibilities to hinder opponents or favor any teammates, if you can position your car properly or take advantage of the bumps and bounces.

Particularly fun and suitable for situations with many players, where it is very difficult to find other games to do. Excellent when played with two packs and/or expansion, in league mode and even better if teams.

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