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Pitchcar Extension 1 expansion

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Content: 4 double trajectory turns, 1 chicane, 2 crossing straights, 2 jumps, 12 guardrails (5 long, 7 shorts), 1 pass tunnel, 1 tunnel roof, 1 regulation.

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Content: 4 double trajectory curves, 1 chicane, 2 crossing straights, 2 jumps, 12 guardrails (5 long, 7 shorts), 1 tunnel passage, 1 tunnel roof, 1 regulation.

Expansion for the racing game and PITCHCAR skills. WARNING: Cannot be played without the pitchCAR base game. property

This expansion for Pitchcar provides new components to fit on the slopes to make them more varied and fun.br/>
Going to describe the new components, we find:

Double trajectory curve: certainly a very interesting piece, consists of a curve with two furses for guardrail, this forces players to choose one of the two possible trajectories, one of which will be easier to take but more complex to complete while the second exactly vice versa.

Chicane: consists of a straight with double curved groove for guardrail, it's basically a strait.br />
Crossing straight: consists of a normal straight with no interlocking shape on one end, this allows it to be put sideways to a normal straight and then to create an intersection. This is one of the main innovations of this expansion: with the basic game it is not possible to design tracks of this kind.

Jump, tunnel passage and tunnel roof: jumping is certainly the highlight of the expansion, it consists of a ramp. By placing two ramps close together and completing the work with the passage of the tunnel and the roof you can create an elevated section under which there is a tunnel where the same track will pass.
br/> Although they are only nine new components, they are sufficient to expand the possibilities of composition of the slopes in a very wide way."/span>


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