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THE AMICIS OF FANTASMI kleine gespensterfreunde HABA age 3 - 8 GAME EDUCATIONAL

VAT included

Age: 3-8 Players: 2-4 Duration: 10-15 minutes

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The best of the people

Age: 3-8 Players: 2-4 Duration: 10-15 minutes

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Little ghosts want to attend the midnight party at the old castle, but the evil cats of the castle won't let them in.

Ghosts can only enter the castle in pairs, passing through one of the tower's windows!

Luckily fireflies incite their ghost friends.

When a pair of ghosts manage to break into the castle, a firefly shines!

Who finds the most ghost pairs and makes all their fireflies shine first?


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2-3 years old, 6th, 4-6 years old