Munchkin 2 The Axe or doubles! New Edition - Expansion

VAT included

Age: 12th: Players: 3-6;    Duration: 60 min.n>

Expansion in Italian for Munchkin

MUNCHKIN 2 The ASCIA OR RADDOPPIA expansion for Munchkin - New edition


Age: 12th: Players: 3-6;    Duration: 60 min.n>

The first Expansion forMunchkin, the game where you have to eliminate the monsters and take their stuff!
Here you'll find a new Playable Race: the Orc!
And more horrible creatures like the Idrant and the WhiskerEd Demon! Equip yourself with terrifying pieces of armor like the PunchShell! Recruit allies like the Straganzo Shoulder Draghetto! Arm yourself with the Druid Fluid, the Shooter and, of course, the terrifying Axe or Double... and show everyone who the greatest Munchkin is of all! We've also included four white cards so you can add extra madness to the whole thing!pan>
Here alone you will find 113 cards, one of which is an EXCLUSIVE PROMO designed by John Kovalic: Orca Zozza!


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14th, 12th, 10th

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