DRAGONERO il gioco di ruolo GDR Asmodee MANUALE DI GIOCO regole base AVVENTURE età 12+
  • DRAGONERO il gioco di ruolo GDR Asmodee MANUALE DI GIOCO regole base AVVENTURE età 12+
  • DRAGONERO il gioco di ruolo GDR Asmodee MANUALE DI GIOCO regole base AVVENTURE età 12+

DRAGONERO the role-playing game GDR Asmodee MANUAL OF GAME rules basic ESADVENTURES age 12th

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Dragonero - the role-playing game: game manual with basic rules.
A world of incredible adventures
Live the adventures of Ian, Gmor, Myrva, Sera, Alben, visit the mythical places depicted in the Dragonero comic, stop the abominations and face the unclean, excine victorious or die as a hero!
In Dragonero GdR you can visit the lands described by Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti, and beautifully designed for Sergio Bonelli Editore. You'll have to solve puzzles that can lead you to death, face creatures so disturbing and so menacing that only real heroes like the protagonists of the comic book series would be able to face, you will have to fight to emerge among the tormes of enemies that they will try, with the cunning or the open comparisonto bring you down and to erase your memory from the lands of the Herondàr.
Built on the famous d20 system but with new and innovative mechanics, "strong>Dragonero GdR è stato provato e sviluppato da un team completamente italiano sulla base delle aspettative dei giocatori, delle necessità della trama e dei meccanismi imposti dal bellissimo fumetto di Dragonero: una scoperta sia per i giocatori esperti che per i neofiti.
In the basic box of the Second Edition you will find "/div>
  • Game Manual
  • Map of the Erondar, new and in color
  • Empty character cards
  • 4 pre-established character cards
  • PNG Tiles and monsters you can use for your campaigns
  • Echoes of War, Monster Supplement, Campaign-Specific Environments, and Adventure, which is the first part of the Dragonhero Campaign, but can be used for any D20 setting!/li>
The Game Manual include:
  • All the basic rules for creating heroes from Dragonero's world and playing: races, classes, skills, abilities, talents, equipment, combat, magic, and magical items."/li>
  • The rules for GM: PNG, environment and storytelling techniques.
The System
Dragonero GdR is a gaming system in its own right, based on OGL mechanics. The OGL system is the basis of famous products such as Pathfinder RPG, Arcana Evolved, and others, and is the most played at the moment. Therefore, Dragonero GdR is compatible with all manuals, accessories and supplements that bear the oGL or Pathfinder Compatible brand (or even the d20 System symbol). This compatibility allows the game itself to be expanded immediately during the game sessions with new rules and ideas from other game manuals.v>
Age: 12th"/div>

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