LONE WOLF Lupo Solitario GIOCO DI RUOLO Raven Distribution IN ITALIANO età 12+
  • LONE WOLF Lupo Solitario GIOCO DI RUOLO Raven Distribution IN ITALIANO età 12+

LONE WOLF Lone Wolf Lone Play PLAY ROLE Raven Distribution IN ITALIAN age 12th

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Get ready for the Greatest Adventure of Your Life!""/p>


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LONE WOLF Lone Wolf Lone PLAY PLAY PLAY Raven Distribution IN ENGLISH age 12-br />

Age: 12th Players: 2-7 Duration: 1-4 hours
Prepare for the Greatest Adventure of Your Life!
"Run through the tangle of the forest, chased by a group of evil Jaks. Somewhere in the distance, a herd of Doomwolf howls ferociously. You clearly feel the roar of a waterfall a little further ahead, which inexorably cuts your path. What do you want to do?"
In Lone Wolf - You decide!
Play as the Kai Knights, valiant and noble warrior-monks dedicated to protecting the kingdom of Sommerlund from the evil armies of the Dark Lords, in a series of adventures that will take you to explore the Magnamund. You and your friends must face terrifying enemies and foil deadly plots, joining forces to thwart the darkened plans of the Dark Lords, and emerge victorious!
The L Wolf game book series, written by Joe Dever, has introduced an entire generation to fantasy setting games: now the legend continues with Lone Wolf - The Role Game. Epic feats, thrilling fights and a world of perilous adventures unfold in front of you!
Easy to learn, you learn as the game goes on: open the box and you can play in a matter of minutes!
This box contains everything you need to play:
The Getting Started Guidediv>
6 Pre-generated Kai Knights, ready to play
The Book of Kai Legendsdiv>
The Kai Training Bookv>
The Book of Wisdom Kaidiv>
Tokens and tokens
Game cards and tablesdiv>
The map of the Sommerlund!div>

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