Quadrilla Vertigo

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VERTIGO QUADRILLA wooden track for marbles, modular, consisting of 84 pieces

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Quadrilla is a game consisting of a series of Rails and wooden cables, pillars on which rivers colored glass marbles.
The various components are assembled in many different structures, thus creating a new and exciting game.

The wooden Quadrilla tracks consist of a rainbow of blocks and Rails that are always completely horizontal. Marbles acquire speed and acceleration due to gravity, only passing holes in blocks.
Once built, the structure is also fun to see at all times where all the marbles, along their path. You can then stop, reverse the direction of travel, etc.
The wooden Quadrilla tracks allow you to learn to think in 3 dimensions!
From simpler to more complex ones-only your imagination and your creativity and your child are the limit of the possibilities that you can create with Quadrilla.
On the manufacturer's website quadrilla.com there are several videos that explain how are mounting, and the various functions of the various blocks.
In fact, each block of different color has a different effect on the trajectory that the ball after crossing!
The blocks are in the rubber tree wood, while the rails are made of birch.
All parties respect thestandard EN 71 and ASTM standards for toy safety, in addition to being CE certified.

QUADRILLA VERTIGO Pack contains around 84 different pieces of wood, as follows:

-24 colored blocks with 8 different functions;
-3 long Rails;
-4 short Rails;
-6 base rings
-thickness 20 Lille
-close hole 8
-Accelerator 3
11-close hole accelerators

-3 layers;

-1 red swing

and also
-50 colored marbles in a bag
-Assembly instructions with pictures for easy construction
-sturdy cardboard box with plastic handle


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6 +, 4-6 years, 8 +